My food is better than many caterers because we are small. I have complete control over what we cook and serve; everything is homemade to our recipes. Food needs to look good but my approach is not fussy or over decorated; it is rustic, well cooked and speaks for itself. Nothing is bought, it is all handmade and so, nothing is uniform. I only use seasonal produce, locally sourced from my favourite butchers, fishmongers and suppliers. I am proud of my ‘un-catered’ presentation of truly delicious food.

My clients are loyal to me and knowing how happy they are brings a wonderful sense of satisfaction. A particular client calls every year asking me to recreate the meal I served at his wedding 5 years ago, in celebration of his anniversary. I am always thrilled to be part of such special moments.




I am so fortunate to have my staff; they are every bit as passionate as I am and genuinely love what they do. They are not agency staff, nor out-of-work actresses!

I spend as much time selecting them as I do choosing my menus and ingredients and they are always tailored to the event; their look has to be right. My core team has been with me for 30 years, and even their children and grand children have become members of staff over the years, which is a testament to the uniqueness of our small and very personal approach.